Friday, October 23, 2009

Traveling Tom's visit

LT's class has a mascot that travels to different kids' houses for a night when the class is behaved. The student fills out a page in Tom's journal and adds pictures before returning him the next day. The lucky student's name is pulled out of a hat. The first time LT's name was pulled, he forgot Tom at after school care and had to return him without bringing him home. This time you'd better believe he didn't forget!

TT went with us to buy Halloween candy, read some stories, just had some fun... here are some of his adventures.


Chris said...

that is one lucky cat - getting to go on so many adventures. glad he got to come home this time instead of staying at aftercare!

robynmarie4 said...

How fun! Why didn't they do cool stuff like that when we were little? I want to go back to kindergarten.