Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I hadn't seen Lake Tahoe in 20 years since the big family Tour de California in back 1989. Finally got back to it this weekend, and it was just lovely. We visited some friends who were visting from England and rented a house and it was really nice. Only one tiring moment at lunch Sunday... 2 kids are a lot harder than 1! That was followed by a great time lakeside. We threw in pinecones and rocks, played with sticks, just had fun!

Hike to Frog Lake, only DT & I made it as a certain older boy wasn't feeling well

DT loved making snow balls, everytime we saw snow he would say "ball, ball" and want to run over there

Like 2 birds of a feather

DT's fish face, love it!

Sweet baby who needs a haircut, just can't do it

the whole fam!


Anonymous said...

How nice to see LT, that's Lake Tahoe, again--it is so pretty and it appears that you all had a nice time enjoying it, even if someone wasn't quite up to par. So cool!
love, momsie/gma

Anonymous said...

Lake Tahoe is really so beautiful. Can you believe there is snow there already!!?? Glad I don't live up there. Brrrr!


just jenn said...

i agree - the scenery is beautiful and the fam looks good,too. why cut DT's hair? :)

happy halloween!

Anonymous said...

Lake Tahoe looks like a beautiful place and a beautiful family enjoying it. I haven't been to Lake Tahoe.....that's on my bucket list.
Love, Gma/gt gma