Saturday, December 20, 2008

He really wants to crawl!

I've been trying to upload a video for 2 days and then I realized my file was way too enormous, so I had to do a little editing and downsizing. It's not that bad really! I should take more video.

Anyways, here is DT trying so hard to crawl. He is very close. He can get anywhere he wants to go already.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! What determination!
The little guy looks like he adapted his brother's long-arm crawl swim lessons for dry land mobilization. And he capped it off with such a cute look of innocence and cleverness!
When he can lift the belly and get the knees under, he will really be on the move. Yes, he is ready and going for it!
love, gma(&gpa)

Anonymous said...

O how precious. Yes, I think we have another future swimmer in the family.Just add some leg action and water and off we'll go.
love, Gt gmaH

just jenn said...

boy, i hope you guys are ready for when he takes off - i don't think he's going to stop?! :)