Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Heads, One Pillow

Aren't they so sweet? My boys. The small one does like to get as snuggly as possible.

And in case you're wondering if LT ever sleeps in his room, here he is just a few minutes ago on Circle Bed with his trusted friends 'Eigo, Giraffe Blanket and Heart Pillow:


just jenn said...

i see the heart pillow goes with him wherever he sleeps. nice. now i'm sleepy too.

Steph said...

Yes, the heart pillow sometimes travels. Right now it's mainly in Circle Bed and the alternate "Snowman Pillow" has taken up residence in Mommy/Daddy Bed.

Diego and Giraffe Blanket do follow the same migratory patterns as LT.

Chris said...

Diego - a dog or a cat?
Looks like LT is a nice ear warmer. JT refuses to come into our bed anymore, so I end up sleeping an hour or two in his. :)

Chris said...

Neck warmer might be more accurate.

Steph said...

Diego is a Beanie Baby:

He's Dora's cousin - an Animal Rescuer. I don't know if JT has found those books yet at the library, but LT is really in love with Dora and Diego. I let him watch one or two of their shows each week (tape them).