Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The early years

This is the video they'll be showing on SportsCenter when he gets drafted into the NBA. hahaha

Please excuse the messy living room! We tend to dump things at the door when we come in. Bad habit!


Anonymous said...

I thought for a bit that this was evidence of "practice makes perfect" and then another backwards shot! Just have fun!
luv, gma

just jenn said...

did he say something about harry potter at the end? i enjoyed this even more at home with the sound turned up.

Steph said...

Oh, at the end he picked up this piece of paper that had a picture of Harry Potter legos printed out. He had a birthday party to go to on Sat and I made an iron on to go on a shirt for the birthday boy. That was the first option, I went with Star Wars legos on the shirt. It was a big hit. :D

So when he picked up the paper, he said "That's for Harry Potter." I think?!?! :D

Another funny thing, the birthday boy (who was turning 5) was having a Star Wars/Harry Potter theme so he asked Lucas if he liked Harry Potter and Lucas said he liked "sea otters." So funny!