Friday, March 30, 2007

Pizza My Heart

LT can now hold his own pizza slice! He loves mushroom pizza. He even puts his own parmesan on - every other bite.

Extreme closeup!

We went to a party tonight and LT was pleasant and fun all the way til 10:30!!! He was still pleasant until I wouldn't let him take a plate home. The hosts graciouslly offered to give him one and all was happy again.


Anonymous said...

Yummy good treat for the snuggle bug! Have a good week! luv, gma

Anonymous said...

JT has finally started to like pizza again! The boys should go for a pizza date.
Glad he was good at the party - did he sleep in the next day?

just jenn said...

mushroom - good choice. is he using the hot pepper flakes as well? :)