Thursday, October 12, 2006

Watch TB

BLT made a startling discovery last night. He turned the radio on and was memerized! He was a little confused and kept saying "Watch TB, watch TB" (aka TV). He was jamming and getting up close with the clock radio. Hey, I'm fine with him thinking the clock radio is TV!

Poor thing is sick tonight. He threw up after our run and again 20 minutes after he went to bed. We're not sure if we went running too soon after he ate or if he is really sick. He's been sleeping now for almost two hours, so I hope that will be all! Poor baby.


just jenn said...

must be the michael graves design that makes a radio in a tv. hope blt is feeling better today.

just jenn said...

oops. that should have said "a radio into a tv," but the sentiment remains. feel better and have a good friday the 13th.

Anonymous said...

Hope all of you are well today! luv, momsie

Chris said...

such a small cute tb and tb-watcher!
hope you are all better for the weekend!