Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkins & Pandas

We had a fun filled afternoon at a nearby pumpkin farm. They really had the setup. LT (not really a "B" anymore) got to go on a silver train with Mommy and a cow train with Daddy. They boys rode in the Hugh Heifer car. We left with 4 pumpkins - a $7, a $4, a $3 and one 75 cent. Plus two guords. We even watched a video on the "Life of a Pumpkin." Did you know that pumpkins have male flowers and female flowers? Neither did I.


Anonymous said...

LT's custom looks so cute on him and the smile is great too. Did you know you can fry the pumpkin blossoms? and people think they are a real delicasy. If Uncle Gregg sees the cow train he'll probably want to make one for Aunt Karen's cow collection. The flowers are beautiful. Looks like you had a great day on the pumpkin patch! GT Gma

Chris said...

Okay, I knew that about the pumpkins, because I tried to help our pumpkin plant out with pollination using a paintbrush!
Which reminds me, we tried Jenn's technique of throwing the pumpkin seeds in the garden, thinking they would pop up in the spring and we already have 7 new pumpkin plants! Pumpkins for Christmas?
LT's costume is adorable - JT said "hat?" and then he figured out panda!

Anonymous said...

Nice cow train- maybe we need one for Swiss Days. LT looks great in his costume. Sounds like a fun day at the pumpkin farm. Fried pumpkin blossoms are yummy especially fried in real butter. AuntK