Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Birthday party, birthday party

Here it is! The big moment! He almost got both candles out on the first try. He ahd been practicing for a while everytime we saw a birthday picture in a book. THis time, unlike birthday number 1, BLT actually went for some cake!

We have a lot of pictures from Hawaii, so we're giving a new picture sharing method a try. Let's see if this works!

Link to Hawaii album


Anonymous said...

It works well! You have some great pictures! It's a week since the island vacation ended and it was fun to review. What a great time, thank you!
Maybe I caught your photographer in some of my pics--I'll see.
I don't think that The GP left his pics; he is in B and I am in A. Luv, The GM

Chris said...

JT likes BLT's birthday cake. Now when he sees a cake and I ask him who has a cake - it's all Ooo-2. The pictures are great. Wish we could have been there...

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Give BLT a hug from the Gt GM