Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We went on a little road trip this weekend up to the state capitol. First stop was Krispy Kreme (hey, there are only 2 left in the Bay Area now or something!). Then a stop at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield to be sure we had maximum sugar content.

Who's too cool now to look like a jelly belly?

Not him!

After this we had an errand to take care of. TT had to finish it up, so I took the boys on my own to the California State Railroad Museum. It seemed pretty cool, but I was being pulled in two different directions. Will have to go back someday!

Our hotel was right next to the riverfront promenade so we walked around and enjoyed the area. This is the golden tower bridge.

After dinner we got an old timey photo in Old Town. The woman let us take some extra pictures of the boys, which was really nice. They enjoyed being cowboys!

Sunday we checked out the capitol building and then went to Berkeley where we had lunch with friends, I played in an ultimate frisbee tournament, the boys went to look at some dinosaur skeletons, we had dinner with another friend and then finally drove home...

Now what was our errand bringing us to Sac Town? TT got a new car! Isn't it pretty?


Chris said...

a beuatiful car - and you all fit in! mr. burli just told me last night that when the blue car goes, he wants a convertible. um, is this a mid-life crisis thing? i think it is a good one!
oh, and that train museum IS awesome. i think we should go back again, too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip for everybody! And then did you have to come home in separate cars? Is the new one fuel efficient?
Hmmm, we need another car, too!

just jenn said...

Looks like a good trip and looks like a nice, new, fun and practical car. :) at least, a convertible seems almost practical in Calif. as opposed to certain other places.

Steph said...

We did drive back seperately then. I guess the car is fuel efficient? It's the sporty one, so maybe less so than the base. It's a "barely used" car (<5k miles), so we got a good deal.

Anonymous said...

Pretty spiffy transportaion!!!!
Love, GmaH

Anonymous said...

Love the new car and your little cowboys are adorable!