Thursday, December 02, 2010

We Were Thankful

Thanksgiving = fried turkey
Going in
Bubbling away
And all fried up

We will be trying this again at Christmas time.
Then we were off to Aunt J's. We had lego building.
And dog walking..

And a hug with Great Grandma.

There was also a lot of food. And a lot of pickles. Now we are enjoying our pickle starter set, courtesy of Uncle R. Yum!


Chris said...

what is a pickle starter set? and what was with the pickles? i tried to give jan some pickles to take along for thanksgiving and she forgot them at our house - maybe because they had their own?! hmmm...
the turkey does look interesting! can you fry some other thing in there? i don't know what. just curious.

Steph said...

Cucumbers & seasoned rice vinegar! You just slice the cucumbers thin, toss them in a bowl with a bit of salt, and then cover with the vinegar... then eat!
I guess you could fry something else?? We could give it a try.

just jenn said...

obviously, you guys, we'll need to fry pickles at christmas!!
btw, nice of aunt J to have a big dog and a little dog for the guys to walk. :)

Chris said...

of course- fried pickles. why didn't i think of that!

Anonymous said...

We have a fellow employee (now retired) that goes to Canada fishing and then has a fish fry at Habegger Ace for all the employees and fries his fish in the cooker u used for the turkey. Yummy! Also Chris, Ren used the seasoned rice vinegar. If you use regular vinegar u need to add some sugar. Love, Gma

mel said...

what about twinkies? in the fryer, not the vinegar that is...

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