Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree Hunt

2 years makes a tradition, right? We went on our annual trip to the Santa Cruz mountains to find the perfect Christmas tree.

First DT picked this one...

Then LT measured up this one for size!
And then we saw the perfect one.

DT insisted on helping with the sawing!

Then a Christmas tree grew legs and walked out of the forest.

We took it home and got it all gussied up. Somehow every year we end up having to saw off quite a bit of tree when we get home. TT made a wreath for the front door out of the extra branches. Very crafty, that one!
The outdoor light extravaganza. We have not set it to music yet, maybe in the future!


Chris said...

The tree looked huge outside - no wonder you had to trim some. It looks beautiful, and I can't wait for JT and Tiny to see your outdoor display - they are going to love it! (We went boring and only have white lights.)

just jenn said...

those are some cute raccoons in the woods. :) looking forward to seeing the tree in person, too.

Anonymous said...

yep, we're coming to see it, too! looks great!
gma and gpa

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun family experience! I have so many good memories of Christmases past. I'll be with you in my thoughts.
Love, Gma/Gigi

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