Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Time!

This year was the first year we cut our own tree. We went with some friends to a lot in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Family ready to go tree hunting!

Trees as far as the eye can see

I spy something with a dino shirt

We think this is the one!

It is the one!

When you chop it down, you leave the bottom branches and it grows back. I didn't know this - really neat!

Back at home, we finished up the decorations. It's a forest scene this year in the front. LT asked for the deer with the moving heads. The candycanes were his wish a couple years back. By the time he goes to college, every inch of the yard may be covered. I love the way it looks!


just jenn said...

boy, the tree barely fits. and if you're going to let LT pick out new yard decorations, you may need to spend his college fund on the electric bills.

interesting about the trees growing back; i did not know that.

anyhow,looks great! happy christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it really looks good at your house!
Counting down the days?
love, gma/momsie

Anonymous said...

What an excursion and a real memory maker especially for LT.
I didn't know that they grew back either. Never to old to learn.

just jenn said...

p.s. and real trees are officially greener!

although arguably the fake, reusable kind are kinder to the green in your wallet.

i now feel the urge to get a real one. :)

Chris said...

huh, i didn't know that either. we always cut the tree on a little farm, i guess they just plant smaller trees after christmas so there are enough for the next year.
that is one impressive tree!! and the yard is fun - jt was very impressed. it looks so christmasy!