Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mexico shots

Wish we were still there!

Breakfast in paradise... is this not the life?

FB friends will have seen this one, but it's just so cool!


Attempt at a family photo. It was hot, I think you can tell.

Improvised baby containment.

Waterslide spectators

Just cute!

Great shot of the boys and grandparents!

A pool all to ourselves

I don't think we took the pictures off the other camera yet, I wonder if we got any good ones?


Anonymous said...

It was so very nice and so cool and so hot and so special with your family. And now it is relaxing to look at the pictures!
love, momsie/gma

Chris said...

oh, that kind of shots... looks like a really nice place to have a vacation - fun, relaxing, warm. all we had was a dusty campground!