Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Boys' Room: a Before & After

the Before:

and the After:

some details:


Chris said...

i like your room - says jt.
it really is a big boy room - who picked out the srv poster? definitely adds to the rock and roll-ness!

Anonymous said...

This room might encourage jammin' in the jammies! The dark furniture with blue walls and accessories look good together and totally change the feel of the room.
(The befores seem to be last minute after you started to purge and pack for the painter?) Goodbye toddler days--they grow up fast--but the boys will surely enjoy this setup for a good while!
love, momsie

just jenn said...

love the blue!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everybody have an SRV poster from college, or is it just me?


Steph said...

good eye on the before picture, mom - it was last minute! all the books were already packed up.

TT has been wanting to hang up the SRV poster since I met him, I had told him we could put it in the garage, but we finally found the perfect spot for it!

Anonymous said...

the room looks great! what a fun room for a couple of little guys!