Thursday, July 09, 2009

Woody Woods

Last weekend we went to a wedding in the woods. It was a whole weekend. It was a good date for a wedding (wink, wink).

We used our backpack carrier more than ever before!

Despite this smile,

DT had just suffered his first injury requiring a bandaid. (He dropped a brick on his finger - ouch!)

Right before that, LT suffered a fat lip. Lesson learned is not to climb hills with your hands in your pockets.

There was even a scavenger hunt which required picture taking. Here LT & I demonstrate "piggy back."


Chris said...

ouch - nice lip there, lt! sounds like a really neat wedding. hope you also had a happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a really cool wedding/adventure. sorry about the boys' ouchies!


just jenn said...

hi-impact hiking, i see. looking forward to seeing all of you next week!