Monday, July 06, 2009

Slip & Slide

I always wanted a slip-n-slide. Sometimes the dream is better than the reality.


Chris said...

what a great movie, even if the slipe and slide was a little slow. maybe you need a hill?

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!
That nice hill in the backyard that you had in PA would be helpful for the effect of the water sliding.

just jenn said...

the music was classic. i agree, a hill might help. i think i recall a successful slip-n-slide in the neighbor's yard in memphis? maybe?

Anonymous said...

Throwing yourself on the ground is especially helpful if I remember correctly. I recall being quite sore after demonstrating for my kids. Also, you need space to run and get up your speed before flopping onto the ground! I never saw a hill on any slip and slide commercials, but I really think that could make for a fun ride. Looks like you were having fun! Love, AuntK

Steph said...

I think the hurling yourself onto the ground is just a big hurdle to get over. I just couldn't do it and LT couldn't do it either. Maybe we need to work up to it!

No hills around here, either.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i missed this earlier...that's pretty funny! i remember my kids doing the slip n is the running and hurling yourself, whether on the knees, belly flop or whatever, that propels you forward and seems to make it more fun. maybe you'll figure it out. i'm sure just being wet and outside was fun enough for all.