Monday, June 15, 2009


Yes, we go to the zoo a lot. We were feeling a bit possessive as we went when it was raining the last two time and practically had it to ourselves. One nice day and it's a zoo! Okay, okay, bad pun.

Trying to get 2 kids and a hippo looking at the camera at the same time is not easy...

Spider LT

Butterfly LT

Trying to get a spider DT

We Love being nature rangers!

LT would really like to be one of these volunteers once he is 12. They are the cutest. They show and answer questions about animals on the nature trail. Some are painfully shy ... like LT! Perfect!


Chris said...

those matching outfits are really cute! i didn't realize that lt is shy. he seems pretty outgoing with us kin-folk, but i do think he would make a great volunteer!

just jenn said...

i think the spider should have velcro in the center. then you could "borrow" a little velcro shirt and stick DT right in the middle?

i'll volunteer to go to the zoo any day with those guys.

Anonymous said...

very cute pictures! love the spidey and butterfly kids. the indy children's museum has similar stuff...i have a picture of my two girls and son all in old-fashioned dresses and's very cute.