Sunday, June 07, 2009

Rest of the Day

No trip to Santa Cruz would be complete without a stop at Kelly's Bakery for lunch. Their sandwiches are delicious and so are their desserts!

The real purpose of the trip was Strawberry Pickin'!
The strawberries were up the road at the UPick Kiwi spot rather than at the farm stand this time.

The Taster

The Picker

The Crop

A hike down to a secluded beach ended the afternoon

Just beautiful

And refreshing, too!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a fun family weekend! How nice of the big brother to drive the chillin' little brother on the rides...
and the picking/tasting/beach outing looked like a lot of fun, too.
love, gma

just jenn said...

that looks like a great day. i like their shirts too - did you pick those out? ahem.

what did you do with all the strawberries? i guess they go faster when you have more people to eat them.

Anonymous said...

we haven't been to santa cruz yet...we will definitely have to go and try kelly's. looks like a fun day!