Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quick Christmas Recap

We are back and getting back into the grove. Okay, we've been back more than a week, but still not a week back at work yet.

Here is a brief rundown of how the trip to Indiana went.

Presets! Yeah! We love presents!

Picture takers everywhere!

All those cameras can make a boy tired!

Look at this nice family sans boys.

Oh wait, one of the nappers has decided to make an appearance!

Note, sorry to Auntie C for the picture with the eyes closed... even with all those cameras, I didn't have too many to choose from!

Of course there was a wedding and all sorts of other fun stuff that may have pictures on the other camera. :D Baby steps...


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! We need to share all of them all around, I think--many of ours were out of focus, and we didn't get the whole A family at all. I guess there is more than point and shoot to create a digital masterpiece!
Your 2008 sounds like it is off to a great start--and looking forward to exciting new changes (addition)!
love, momsie

mel said...

I think the yawn picture is the best - it must have been a big yawn because my picture looks the same!

Chris said...

the boys really blend in to the 70's couch! oh well. didn't we get a whole family pic at the wedding?

Steph said...

We did do a complete family picture at the wedding, but I don't think I had my camera there. Someone else probably has a version!

just jenn said...

i'll bet you guys never suspected you were dressing the boys in 1970's urban camoflauge.

pavel said...

Hey, I really like your pictures and layout. It really fits with the subject of your blog, the color scheme is also really well done. I'm really into , too. Hopefully, they do well in the playoffs next week!