Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting ready for brother!

I've starting getting things ready for baby and then LT got in the swing of things, too. All his animals needed diapering. Then they all lined up for a picture.

The smaller animals are wearing newborn fitted diapers (cloth, but I think that's obvious :)). These are the same diapers LT wore! Panda was not newborn sized and had to upgrade to a premium size prefold diaper. That's a little more old school.

Then Kitty wanted in on the action (diapered over underwear for modesty's sake)...

Very proud of his work!


Anonymous said...

What a good diaper putteroner, and a construction worker, too!
Looks like you're ready!
Love, gma/momsie

chris said...

now you just have to get him trained to get up at night with the baby! :)
i see he is enjoying his marble game as well. looks like you guys are having fun preparing!

mel said...

Looks like he will be a big help when the time comes!