Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween Fun

Ugh. Our computer is not working very well, but finally here are the Halloween night pictures.

A confident Trick-or-Treater, flashlight in hand.

The Candy Train.

I think he got a few more candies than cousin JT. LT has never met a candy he didn't like. Except, maybe the gummy eyeball. He didn't try that one. We will be doling out 2 candies a day for the rest of the year, it looks like.


Chris said...

JT wanted to make a candy train after he saw the pictures! He also wanted LT to know: I like your costume!

jk said...

this is funny - i did not know that C had already commented on the candy train and that J also created one this morning.. we hope that J will forget and won't be asking for candy every single day, but this may be just wishful thinking..