Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas List

LT made up his Christmas Wish List. He insists it is not a Christmas List, just a Play List, since really he would like these toys at any time for any reason. It was tough, though, trying to fit every single toy in the ad on to his paper.

Note: it's hard to get a real smile and not a silly "cheese" grin.


Anonymous said...

It is a colorful wish list! Advertising is so enticing!
Any priority to the wishes?
Love from grandma

Chris said...

JT looked at the pics this afternoon (no school), and promptly wanted to make his own. I had thrown away most of the ads, however, so he cut out a woman and a gnome, before giving up. :)
He was impressed with the selection, though!

just jenn said...

1. looks like a fun activity regardless of the "type" of list.
2. should we all be putting together collages like this now that the official gift exchange program has been run and we have our names?! :)