Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to LT!

I took LT to the mall to get his picture taken in honor of the momentous 3rd birthday. He also picked out a new outfit for Kitty (Kitty is now a firefighter) and we had his favorite dinner of crepes. Turkey Pesto for the main meal followed by Strawberry, Banana & Chocolate for dessert. Then we came home and he finished opening presents. He is currently pulling the circus train cars behind an actual Thomas the Train car and has already played 2 different games just tonight. He couldn't be more excited!

His party on Saturday was a lot of fun, if a little crazy. It ended up raining and raining here, so we had it inside. 10 kids is a lot for inside, but they seemed to all have a really good time.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a fine looking young man!!! He looks so grown up.L
Love, gt gma

just jenn said...

10 kids, inside... that sounds like quite the occasion! glad to hear it was a success.
those are some good pics - although i do feel like there should be a yardstick in the corner to provide scale. because we don't get to see you guys often, it's hard to figure out just how tall he's getting to be these days. i know, you can just put those height markers on one side of a door, like the exit at a fast food restaurant and then take a picture of him running out that door. or not. :)