Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grape Farm

We had a nice Labor Day weekend in Santa Barbara. We went to some grape farms (also known as "wineries" to those readers over 21). We went to the Santa Barbara zoo, we went to the Natural History musuem, we went to the beach ... busy, busy! LT had a great time with Auntie B and Uncle V. They were great fun!

In case you are wondering, he did not have to go to the bathroom when I took this picture. He just likes to "hold it," so I try and remind him that we only hold it when we have to go to the bathroom. He got a little mixed up the first time we told him to "hold it" and has been "holding it" ever since.


Anonymous said...

He is a literalist with words! English has so many nuances to learn that it is good we don't have tonal words too!
Sounds like a fun weekend for all of you!
love, gma/momsie

Chris said...

was he supposed to "hold it" as in don't move for the picture?
jt also physically holds it if i tell him to wait for the next potty. but we don't have any photos of that. this is a classic!
p.s. what about a meetup in october? maybe still warm enough for camping in between somewhere? sounds like you guys are busy this month!