Monday, December 18, 2006


Check out this amazing invention! The funchop!

We went to one of our favorite Sushi restaurants on Friday and the server really took a liking to LT. She brought him out his own bowl of rice & miso soup and a big bowl of edamame. She kept shelling the edamame for him everytime she came by. LT LOVES edamame, so he was quite happy. She also introduced us to the funchop and then it came home with us (with waitress approval).


shymere said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You get comment spam!

What's your favorite sushi restaurant? I like Sushi Zen on 1st St.

Steph said...

Comment spam is so embarassing!

Our favorites are Sushi O Sushi at El Camino & Bowers and TGI Sushi on Hamilton just off Winchester.

We'll have to add Sushi Zen to our list.

Nava said...

OK, this is not comment spam... :-)
Try Shiki Sushi, on El Camino and Sycamore. They have some wonderful authentic specialties.
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