Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Frosty the Snowman

Somehow we haven't taken any more pictures in the last week and a half, so we have to go back in time to November.

LT is just being so funny recently. His newest favorite phrase is "Stop it." Yeah, it gets a bit annoying. We are listening to Elmo cd in the car from the library now. One of the songs in "John Jacob Jinglehimmer Schmidt." At one point, Elmo & friends get very quiet. This prompts LT to say, "Stop it Daddy! Stop it turning the radio." Then I have to explain to him that they are just singing quietly and Daddy did not actually turn it down. Then they start singing loud again and LT thinks it's really funny.

Today Daddy was supervising while LT took Doggy to the potty (after taking his diaper off, Doggy's diaper that is, proclaiming "big poo-poo" and using two wipes). Doggy walked up the steps, sat on the potty, went "pssst" and then got a "Good job!" from LT. Do you think we might be doing a lot of potty learning around here?!? After the potty, Doggy gets a new diaper and then goes to take a nap. He does a lot of napping and pottying.


Chris said...

Sounds like the doggy is going through a lot of diapers!
JT can't wait to see his cousin - each time he sees a present he thinks that is for LT.

Steph said...

I try to recycle the doggie's diapers to LT. :D

Anonymous said...

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