Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I don't know how BLT Sr. captured this shot because we almost never watch TV. No really. But BLT Sr. loves the shot, so I am sharing it. I have no idea what we were watching! Maybe it's from the World Cup? BLT does like to watch "soccer ball, ooo, ooo, ball."


Chris said...

It is a good shot. You must have been watching something serious - a tense soccer moment? JT watched a TV show the other day - some animal show on pbs - he was really fascinated. That was the first time he really watched - before he just glanced at the tv without much interest. I guess the boys are growing up. Sigh.

Chris said...

You guys must be busy - did you have a good weekend? I keep checking for new pictures!

just jenn said...

i think they are still watching tv?! (or maybe just blog-tired, as the elder, but not wiser sis was for a bit too long there.... it was a good soccer month, if i say so.

Steph said...

We're still alive! :)
What happened was that we went to the beach all day Saturday and didn't take the camera and then Sunday we went over to a friends to veg in the pool (you know since it was 100+ here) and didn't take any pictures... so then I don't have any pictures to post! I tried to take some video two nights ago of some very cute alphabet song singing, but the subject clammed up with the video camera was turned on and then last night I just got the usual high chair shots. Will work harder!

Also, I have been really depressed, so haven't felt like writing. Any suggestions to feel better?