Friday, July 28, 2006

BLT The Singing Wonder

Here are a few video clips put together. It's hard to get a full song on tape because we always get the video camera out after the good songs are done! Plus, we just like the clip with the hat.


just jenn said...

very nice - i especially appreciatd the tricky camera work in the first clip and the angle of the hat at the end.

Chris said...

You can really hear the words on Baa,baa. Has he been doing some short sentences? JT likes to look at BLT's pictures, he even has a word for him, but it doesn't sound much like BLT's name. :)

tbone said...

BLT got very excited when he saw some pictures of JT. "Julie!" "More Julie!" "Night night Julie" (for the picture of JT sleeping).