Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hawaii 2012

We had a wonderful family vacation to Maui for Spring Break. It was just awesome.We had a good mix of relaxing and adventuring. I even managed to read 4-1/2 grown up(ish) books. I think we would like to go back again!

The kids loved the pool, of course.

Nakelele blow hole
 Lahaina Banyan Tree

Whale watching, I promise we were all very happy!

TT's advertising shot for the other boat

 Our own private waterfall
 And another waterfall...
 The beautiful beach

And because I know you'll want to look at more pictures (Momsie gene), here's a link: Maui 2012


just jenn said...

why, yes, i'd love to come visit you guys again, especially if it means a trip to Hawaii. :)
seriously, looks like a good time - especially the private waterfall.

Chris said...

what a beautiful place for a vacation! the water looks warm and amazing. wish i could come along, too!

just jenn said...

p.s. what did you read? anything you'd recommend as a must read?

Steph said...

Jenn, I read the Hunger Games trilogy, On The Island, and 1/2 of 50 Shades of Grey. I was also reading Last Bookstore in America, which I would recommend. Only $2.99 on Kindle ap, plus you get the irony of reading it on your eReader. :)

Dodo Armstrong said...

like the song by the dreadnought..old maui..


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