Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Year Old

DT had his birthday last month. Lucky boy had cake twice! An ice cream cake with the family and then a tower of cupcakes at his party. Somehow we didn't take too many pictures either day, but everyone had a good time!

(never mind my gigantic arm! just trying to keep the candles lit!)


Chris said...

Both the cake and the cupcakes look delicious. And a very cute almost edible three-year old, too!

just jenn said...

Those are quite the chipmunk cheeks! Glad he had a good birthday and lots of cake.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday 3!!!
He is growing so big so fast!
And clever cakes of all sizes!
love, gma/momsie

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! Looking forward to being with you all this summer.
Love, Gma/gtGma