Sunday, March 20, 2011


It was an exciting day yesterday. You'll have to click through for the video, but I promise it's worth it!

DT had fun yesterday, too... Splashin'

We took along the video camera yesterday, but alas! it was out of battery when we went to fire it up. Thank goodness for cellphones these days!


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!! Yay! He's a rider!
And I see a good splasher, too!
love, gma

Chris said...

First time - wow! He looks like an old pro. And I love when he just keeps going and going and you are calling out to him. Looks like you found the perfect place for riding and splashing - was that the park around the corner?

Steph said...

That's LT's school. It's known as the place to go for learning how to ride a bike. There is a slight slope that makes it perfect. We had it all to ourselves on Sunday!

mel said...

So exciting! I was a little nervous watching the video with the puddles, but LT did so well even with the wet pavement!

just jenn said...

"come back" ... and he did! well done. and i think DT may have a future in dance?

Anonymous said...

how cool that you captured that on video. looked a little chilly. we're OVER the rain...need more sun!