Tuesday, August 31, 2010


DT is just hilarious these days so I want to try and write down some things he says. No pictures, though.

Everytime he sees a clock:
"7 clock, time to get out"

We hear this all the time:
"Can I try it?"

After using potty:
"I did it!"

Looking at costume catalog:
"That crazy."

Looking at LT trying on his Halloween costume:
"Lucas, inja, that cool."

When he doesn't want to leave daycare:
"Nyet, Nyet."
(It is a Russian daycare, after all.)

I'll update with more!


Chris said...

does that mean lt will be a ninja for halloween? and i already am behind on getting a costume!? you are so well prepared. sigh. and that dt sounds like a lot of fun.

Steph said...

It might be a littler early to get a costume because kids might change their mind. I was thinking about making it which is why we decided early. We bought one because it was less than making one and no time and this way we had time to send it back if it didn't look good and still make one. It's pretty nice, so we're keeping it. Satisified customers. :)

just jenn said...

what happens at "7 clock"? so glad i got to see you guys; i can totally hear him in my head. and it cracks me up!

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