Saturday, July 03, 2010

Summer Vacation: Southern CA

Our family vacation to Southern CA started off slow when LT woke up and couldn't open his eye. We had to take a trip to Urgent Care first and then to the pharamacy to get loaded up with antibiotics. He had pink eye. Luckily we had time to get 24 hours of treatment in before our big visit to Disneyland! We did have to skip our planned stop at the Tar Pit museum.

Disneyland Day One!
Someone is excited!

Or maybe not ... I promise he was smiling right after this picture.

The lucky duck even got to ride one rollercoaster thanks to a generous ride operater who measured him tall. LT wouldn't go on this one, but DT would have loved to ride all day IF he was tall enough.

The whole gang in toontown. I made all the kids shirts. We crashed LT's BFF's family trip to DL. I don't think they minded too much!


In front of the castle the next day ...

LT did like some rides, including Dumbo

and the Teacups

His favorite was BY FAR the Jungle Cruise. We rode it SIX times. We've been playing Jungle Cruise ever since. He has memorized most of the jokes.
Now some silly faces!

The gang was excited to see Brother Bear

The third day of Disneyland - DT loved the carousel, no surprise!

Tom Sawyer's island was fun, too!

Oh, Brother Bear again! Probably because LT's favorite spot in CA Adventure was the Redwood Forest playground.

The next day we drove up to Morro Bay. Since we missed it on the way down, we had to stop at the George C. Page Museum at the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in LA. It was fabulous.

LA traffic was not so fabulous and we didn't get to Morro Bay until late! We stayed at a small inn (8 room maybe?) that was just beautiful. We had dinner in their restaurant at 9PM - so late for the boys! But they were lovely and multiple people complimented us on their behavior. Phew!
The next day we explored the town of Morro Bay. We took a boat ride that dropped us off on the sand spit for a while and that was super fun. The boys reminded me of "the Diggingest Dog" story. I think you'll be able to tell why.

Then it was off home. We had such a great time! I think we parents were surprised at how much fun we had. It was really great to be with friends at Disney. I even got to ride Space Mountain 3 times! Yeah!


just jenn said...

that does sound like a very good vaca - hard to believe i've not been to disneyworld in over 20 years now?! and yet, even disneyland seems familar.

Anonymous said...

That was a good vacation! Double the families and double the fun! The shirts looked good--was it easier to spot the kids? They appeared to have a great time together. (And 3x on space mtn, alone?! a nice side benefit!)
I didn't realize you could go out to the island in Morro Bay where one can dig... Altogether, a really nice trip!
Continue to enjoy the summer!
love, momsie
(Oh, we may have to dig out the Disney tix so Jenn can return again!)

Chris said...

i have always wanted to go to those tar pits! too bad we weren't there, although maybe it wouldn't have been so nice to crash you AND lt's bff's vacation! sounds/looks like you all had fun.

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