Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today DT is 1 year old. How can it be? It's hard to remember the days before he was here.

I took the boys to get their pictures taken since I have a thing about getting a picture made on the actual birthday. Whew, that was tiring. Then we enjoyed a dinner of crepes. The two boys share a favorite of Turkey Pesto (turkey, cheese, pesto and avocado). Happy birthday DT! :D

Here are some pictures from Sunday when we gave him our presents (ride-on & house)... I think he liked them!


Anonymous said...

What a happy boy and a happy day! I like the added touch on the house--a Willow Glen sign! I think 2 boys had a good time.
love, gma

Chris said...

what a big smile!! looks like he really had fun, and the house came out great! what kind of table to you put it over?
happy birthday, dt!

Steph said...

The house is just over a standard card table. In this case, purchased at Target. :p