Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strawberry Pickin'

Well I've gone back to work. That will explain the lack of posts.

We did have some lovely visitors last week - Grandma & Grandpa! Grandma is still here giving DT & LT lots of love and attention.

We did manage to get in one fun day outing while Grandpa was here. We went strawberry picking down by Santa Cruz along Highway 1, overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful!

Running to get started

TT shows off a perfect specimen

Grandpa proves to be an excellent picker

Tasting the goods (this was allowed)

DT & I pose with the fruits of TT's labor

This berry farm also sold tea, coffee, lemonade, pastries, a most delicious loganberry truffle, and lots more in their farm store. They have a famous "honor til" where you just pay yourself for what you bought. It was very nice. I see return trips in our future! Kiwi U-Pick starts in Decemeber!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Do those berries look delicious. It sure looks like you had a fun time.
Do the kiwis grow on bushes or trees?

Chris said...

yum! that looks like fun. hope that back-to-work has been going well. what did you make with all those strawberries?

just jenn said...

did you have to run to get started because the strawberries were trying to get away? "noooo, not me - pick that one over there"?? i, too, am curious as to where kiwis grow and hope you are all adjusting well to the return to work.