Wednesday, August 06, 2008

100 Days

Happy 100 days DTT!

100 days has gone by so fast and yet, it seems like you have always been with us. I love watching you laugh and smile at your brother's antics. You also love it when Mommy gives you kisses or pumps your legs. You like to grab toys now and put them in your mouth - if your hand isn't already in there! You smile and laugh easily. We love you!

I took DT in for his picture to celebrate. Do you know which 100 day old baby is which?


An aside:

Mel wins the blog contest! You all may have been thrown by the sword. I don't think Indiana Jones has a sword necessarily, but he does have a dagger sometimes. LT said he needed a rope to play Indiana Jones, so I asked him if a ribbon would do, and it did. LT hasn't seen the movie, so what he knows is based off what he hears at daycare. It's amazing that he knows the tune and words to the Spiderman and Ironman themesongs and the tune to Indiana Jones themesong, all without hearing the actual songs!


just jenn said...

i'm voting left=dt; right=lt? i have to go find our lt picture to compare (or is that cheating? i don't think so, because they are wearing the same great outfit)... very nice.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I agree with jenn. Oh, so cute!!!!