Saturday, September 16, 2006


Who's teaching this kid to count? No seven? No eleven?

BLT visited preschool this week and is really excited about it so far. He has one more week of visiting before he is officially moved up. Boohoohoo. He is growing up so fast!

The costume is making progress. Anyone still not know what it is?

Oh, you can see the Memory game on the floor behind him. He matched over 1/2 the pieces before he got tired of it! Very impressive!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little panda bear he will be!

Chris said...

Preschool? Is it in a different place, just a different designation, or a new curriculum? I think BLT must learn a lot at school, not that I don't think that you don't also do learning things with him, but I wonder if JT is missing out on some of the learning activities? (I do more play activites and less teaching, or something?) (All that pressure from other parents at the playground mentioning all the things their precocious kid can do!)
It is amazing how different he looks now with blond hair!!!
And the costume looks great already. I have been "working" on 2 sewing projects lately, and just can't make progress...

Steph said...

"Preschool" is what they call it when you turn 2. The ratio is dfferent - between 6:1 and 8:1 instead of 4:1. It's also in another building, but all in the same place. They are of a "learn through play" type philosophy. Like they will sing a song that goes:
Lucas is wearing a red shirt, red shirt, red shirt.
Lucas is wearing a red shirt all day long.

And this helps with colors, that sort of thing.

But really, at this age, play activities are all that is needed. Kids learn through play! :D I don't think you need to worry about JT, he seems to be learning lots and having lots of fun.

just jenn said...

we thought perhaps he skipped 7 & 11 because he has not had enough slurpees in his lifetime to realize the importance of these two particular numbers??