Saturday, August 12, 2006

Downtown Boy

We went downtown today to visit the San Jose Jazz Festival. Except, I got the date wrong, it's next weekend. Whoops. We went to the Zero One digital arts festival, or something like that, instead by visiting the art museum. It had some interesting digital installation pieces. To be honest, it gave me a headache after about an hour. I think I prefer more traditional art. Then we headed over to the downtown fountain. We planned ahead this time and brought BLT's bathing suit and water shoes. Last time we happened upon the fountain and BLT was sliding everywhere running around in bare feet. It was a nice afternoon in the city.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Your pictures are great (as usual)!
I think the digital art would give me a headache after an hour, too. BLT looks like he liked the fountain. I hope he didn't try and drink it like JT did the other day when he played in one. I don't think that was too healthy.